The Magical Cure for Writer’s Block

I know why you're here. You know how to write, you’re great at it, you're altogether creative AF, and you have a gut feeling that the next big thing is burning just inside of you. But there’s one giant problem: You have writer’s block and you need to cure it. Full disclosure guys, there is... Continue Reading →


either accept me before I reject myself or reject me so I can accept myself   - C.H.Argent

The Said

I know I said some things so cold they stung, not to cause you pain But to roll them around in my mouth like ice cubes because i had become so dangerously overheated, from all that time spent running away from myself.   - C.H.Argent

The Math

Just because it gets light then dark again over and over and over does not mean we forever should navigate by number, Those incremental lines just iron bars on windows to something purer You do not slide as the lead of a pencil along a thirty-centimeter ruler I don't have time to explain.   -... Continue Reading →

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