Scroll To See Me Naked…

Hi there,
I’m Chantelle
Welcome to me.
This is the diary,
here you will find
the person behind
the words and pictures
I can’t give you everything
But I will do my best to share
with you, all the important parts
Here are just a few head-to-toe
tit-bits   to get you started…   my
biggest    peeve is hypocrisy     and yet
I can       describe myself       as one
giant   contradiction. Let   me
show you what I mean:
I am an extrovert
And I am an introvert
I am so goddam confident
And so horribly anxious.
I want all eyes to be on me
and I want to be left alone
I’m obsessive compulsive
I’ve an appetite for chaos
I do everything in threes
I’ll try everything once
I’m a hypochondriac
Still I abuse myself
I binge eat then
I’ll starve myself
I’m too thin and
not thin enough
I’m independent
I know myself,
I’m out of touch
I’m wise and I
am ignorant
I’m trying
to improve
I wouldn’t
change a thing.

– Chantelle Argent

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