The Roulette

I held your heart, a loaded gun
juggled it from hand to hand
in front of you without a care
a smile that stretched from ear to ear
remember I had all the power
you had the unbridled fear
and we went on like this toying
with fate for far too many years
I said I’ll bet you I can keep 
this up until this life is done

you knew you wouldn’t be here long
enough to find out if you’d won

but you’re a gambling man so you
put everything you had on red
everything else put to bed
forget everything I said
my palms, they sweat and metal slides
between them and between the lines
I think that I know everything
I don’t have trigger points
I’m fine

I’m wrong 
I got distracted, it went off and
everything span out
you fell upon the black, it’s stacked
always in favour of the house
I shot you in the back and then
the next one tore into my foot
and yes of course it’s good
neither of us dies but we
mistook a shot at happiness for
a harmless and profitable game

even if we blacklist ourselves
we’ll never be the same again.


– C.H.Argent

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