The Chant

When I say mental! You say health! Me: Mental! Them: Yes you are, aren't you...   - C.H.Argent

What are dreams for, after all?

to build something under the cover of night and then tear it down before morning is the only way of proving to yourself that you can do it without someone tapping you on the shoulder to tell you you fucked it up   - C.H.Argent

The Collar

When I bark or run astray When I curl up in a ball When I claw at you and howl through the night When I destroy everything you own When I make circles in the sand and dig up the Earth beneath us When i bite or chew and chew and chew on something I... Continue Reading →

The Berg

I can feel all at once so safe and yet so compromised when your body moulds to mine, I get that sinking feeling and I'm sorry for the drowning butterflies, now dead petals in a deluge or pieces of torn paper I say I'm frightened of you and you ask why And I say Well,... Continue Reading →

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