The Magical Cure for Writer’s Block

I know why you're here. You know how to write, you’re great at it, you're altogether creative AF, and you have a gut feeling that the next big thing is burning just inside of you. But there’s one giant problem: You have writer’s block and you need to cure it. Full disclosure guys, there is... Continue Reading →

The Immortalised

Funny, isn't it that you'll live forever because of how I have preserved these pieces of you on paper even the bits you didn't know ever lived in you at all, those best bits they'll be always everywhere and never anywhere, there cannot be an end to that no matter what happens with us, funny... Continue Reading →

The Co-existence

Myself and I are but mere acquaintances half of the time We sit together in stillness and silence But exchange a smirk, because we know we are saving the small talk for all those other fools.

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