The Lonely

A fleeting desperation to write about wicker baskets with steel handles Without reason Without reference This is all I have and it makes me smile and it makes me cry because it came from somewhere I will never quite know

The Gravity

You tell me you’re on a glass slope wearing slippers And then you laugh But we both know it’s not funny at all Your words are the glass Your voice the feet dancing and quivering so’s not to break what’s beneath It is truly the most fragile pane I have seen And if the glass... Continue Reading →

The Inhale

My lungs are so full of that which should not even fit through a straw The claggy cravings of life that suck you deep and spit you out With each new breath you’d think it would get easier but that mother has a way of making you forget that each waking day You are building... Continue Reading →

Scroll To See Me Naked…

Hi there, I’m Chantelle Welcome to me. This is the diary, here you will find the person behind the words and pictures I can’t give you everything But I will do my best to share with you, all the important parts Here are just a few head-to-toe tit-bits   to get you started…   my... Continue Reading →

Do You Even Paint, Though?

I have a confession.  I feel a lot of guilt when I consider this section of my blog. My dad is an artist and he so generously entrusted me with the same genes. But I don't use them nearly as often as I would like. So this is a kick up the arse from me... Continue Reading →

The Song And Dance Of Singularity

   Taking time out to drive into the country has become his weekly highlight. Away from the important people in the tall buildings. Tall enough to see over the city and out onto the rest of the country, but still not really seeing. Away from VR, 5K and iOS 30 with its brand-new bugs and... Continue Reading →

Between The Lines: Can You Cry Underwater?

Warning: This post contains SPOILERS for the short story Can You Can Cry Underwater? Please stand down if you have not already read this piece, you do not yet belong here! You can find the full story here: Can You Cry Underwater?    Okay, time for serious faces. Because if you have read this story, you’ll... Continue Reading →

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